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  • I had the pleasure of working closely with Missy as part of a facilitation group she developed in my organization. Missy came into our corporation when it had no employee training to offer. She not only laid the groundwork for an exceptional management training program; she created an internal facilitation group made of volunteer internal professionals that thrived together. She built a family. The impact she made to my company is unparalleled to anything I’ve seen. I was honored to facilitate alongside her directly. I not only admire her, but also aspire to make the kind of impact she has here. One that will continue to develop and set fire to our organization for many years to come.
    Melissa Brockman
    Boar’s Head
    Member, Employee Training Team
  • I had the pleasure of working with Missy McNabb in facilitating Leadership Training for our employees. Missy created and successfully implemented several training programs for our company and many employees have appreciated her contribution to their personal development. Missy is dedicated to efficiency, so I believe she would excel at developing new training methods or programs that increase productivity. Missy is also familiar with e-learning tools and takes advantage of technology in her instruction methods whenever possible. I feel confident in recommending her services as a consultant and I am sure she will make a difference to your company by any service she could offer.
    Vicente Nunez
    Boar’s Head
    Member, Employee Training Team
  • I met Missy McNabb a little over 3 years ago, when I joined our company’s training team.  At a time when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, Missy provided coaching, training, and facilitation strategies. She taught me to design training programs that fit the needs of the team. As a result of her guidance I have become a great leader and trainer. I also reached a professional goal of being promoted to a corporate training position as her direct report.  Words cannot express the value that was added to my professional career as well as my personal life working with Missy.  She is an Awesome mentor, leader and person.  She not only added value to the team, she helped me find value in myself.
    Ann Janet
    Boar’s Head
    Operations Training Manager, Employee Training Team Member
  • It was a great pleasure to work with Missy McNabb, who was responsible for organizational learning and development at the company where we both worked.  I served as part of a training team she created to help deliver management training that she had developed with the assistance of subject matter experts.  When Missy arrived at the company, there was virtually no management training in place.  In the space of a few short years, she understood the company culture well enough to design, develop and implement a program company-wide that touched manufacturing, finance, IT, sales, marketing and human resources.  She created and trained a team of facilitators to deliver the training and provided on-going support and guidance to that entire team, while continuing to enrich the content of the existing training and seek out new topics of value to the company.  Since this was the first organized approach to management training and development that this well-established company had ever attempted, it required the gentle but persistent encouragement and direction Missy provided.  She also managed a complex schedule of off-site meetings that took place throughout the year.  The team of trainers that she launched continues to grow and expand, mostly due to the thoughtful way that Missy matched their skills and expertise with the needs of the company.  She introduced a new e-learning platform for the entire organization and worked to curate the content and user experience to deliver maximum value to the company. Missy McNabb has a comprehensive knowledge of how to develop and implement a complete organizational development and learning program, spanning generational, occupational and hierarchical structures throughout.
    Frances Booker Verschuure
    Boar’s Head
    Employee Training Team Member
  • The CLaaS Group had the pleasure of working with Missy McNabb as our client for 3 years. Throughout that time, we worked closely together to develop learning strategy, define engaging learning and talent development solutions and implement those solutions for her company.  These solutions have had a dramatic impact on the performance of the people who were trained in many facets of skills and management development. Missy was creative, innovative, collaborative, driven to succeed and an overall great business partner with us. It would be a pleasure to work with Missy again in this or any other consulting or Talent Development capacity.
    Michael Cufaro
    The CLaaS Group
    Founder & Managing Partner
  • Missy McNabb was a co-worker of mine and over the course of several years we worked on numerous projects ranging from team-building workshops and workforce analyses to identifying key areas of behavioral opportunity and development of content for delivery.   We worked in different states and in very different environments, but she knew the right questions to ask and she listened and responded with solutions and/or content that hit directly at what we were trying to achieve.  My local leadership team brought terminology and concepts from the programs she facilitated and the training sessions she was instrumental in developing, put them to work and as a result we had a more engaged and functioning group of managers.
    Shannon VanNoy
    Boar’s Head Brand
    HR Business Partner
  • I have never heard of employees training other employees, but the program and intensive training Missy brought to the table was top-notch. Her organization, leadership development was informative and fun. I have never done anything like this, in regards to training others. I was well-trained, as with others, and we became a very tight team. I’ve given my presentation with my co-facilitator many times, and I have Missy to thank for making it happen.
    Judy Robertson
    Judy Robertson Designs
  • No matter what problem I threw at Missy, she had a way to solve it. She helped develop my staff from a group of people into a well-oiled machine. Missy's teaching methods are outstanding. She is insightful, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile. The impacts she made in the lives of those around her are immeasurable. Missy was instrumental in my team's success and she will be a great resource for you too.
    Jeff Leonard
    Boar’s Head Brand
    Plant Manager
  • Missy and I worked together on several different projects --all of which were complex from the perspectives of people and organizational alignment. Missy's work formed the basis of the success of these projects. She has an uncanny ability to draw people to her and build strong relationships while providing coaching-- all with an enthusiastic can-do attitude. Whether it is an organization of 10 or dissecting 50+ interviews with stakeholders, Missy is able to carve out the important issues, develop/design fact-based solutions, get alignment and achieve forward progress. She is an amazing facilitator, coach and leader and a true gift to the next company she joins.
    Paulette Corbin
    Corbin Executive Coaching
    Founder & Principal
  • In the time we worked together at North Highland as colleagues in the coaching and leadership development practice, I learned far more from Missy than she could have possibly learned from me. She is a deep expert in coaching and leadership development and in addition brings her true superpower, connecting with people and connecting people to others, to every interaction. I highly recommend her for a role that would leverage this combination of expertise and talent.
    Andrea Barrett
    Coaching for Potential
    Executive Coach
  • I had the pleasure to work with Missy on several consulting projects while at North Highland. Her ability to build rapport and connect with the needs of her clients was impressive. This ability, along with her organizational development expertise, allowed her to work closely with senior leaders and coach them through very challenging transformations with the right balance of structure and sensitivity.
    Shayna Gaspard
    3DE Schools
    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Operations
  • I have had the privilege and honor of working with Missy the past two years. Our focus, through Learn4Life, has been on harnessing the teeming potential of Metro Atlanta's business, education, government and philanthropy into a stronger collective impact framework. She has approached this work with great enthusiasm and professionalism. While the education community was relatively new to her, she has been a patient learner who has worked tirelessly to create positive relationships which are a prerequisite to any collective efforts. Her strong organization skills are evident at every turn and are a welcome resource for focusing the work. While exacting in her own work and expectations of others, her personality is such that every member of the team with which she co-labors is drawn into the work in healthy ways. The bottom line is that Missy is a valuable asset to any effort in which she lends her time and talent and I strongly recommend that she be extended meaningful opportunities in the future.
    Brad Bryant
    REACH Georgia
    Vice President
  • Missy's passion for developing people is matched by her disciplined focus on achieving results. In her role as executive director of Learn4Life, Missy has demonstrated collaborative engagement of all key stakeholders, masterful project management, and political savvy. She is a tireless learner, careful listener and decisive leader. Learn4Life and our community have been the beneficiaries of her thoughtful leadership. I highly recommend Missy McNabb for any executive position in the HR field or beyond.
    Gayle Hulme
    Gayle Hulme Consulting
  • Missy is a clear and definitive choice for a team member and partner. I've worked with Missy on a number of projects for more than a year where we enjoyed one success after another - each resulting in delivering additional value to our client and revenue for our Company. I especially appreciate Missy's dedication and attention to detail and highly value her openness to bi-directional coaching and development. Missy is an excellent partner. She is quick to identify team strengths and leverage her own to facilitate our success. I encourage others to leverage Missy's networking talent and relationships to broaden your own knowledge and gain a new and important perspective on business from a Talent Management view, I am honored to know and work with Missy.
    Tommy Barnett
    Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
    Director, Continuous Improvement
  • Missy McNabb is an extraordinary and versatile professional. While at Viant together, she was my advocate, coach and mentor. She had a significant impact on my career maturation during a challenging transition into information technology professional services. She was central in leading the rapid growth and expansion of our office as well as gracefully ministering the implosion following the dot com collapse. I regularly use skills I learned from her coaching and while observing her manage difficult situations with subtlety and grace. Missy is very much a team player and works for the good of the organization in all that she does. I would relish the opportunity to hire her or work for her.
    Marcus Wittich
    Senior Division Manager
  • Missy and I worked together at McKesson Corporation on various talent management strategies and OD initiatives. Missy is a conscientious and dedicated talent management practitioner. She develops comprehensive solutions to help her clients meet their business objectives. I recommend her highly.
    Trellis Usher
    T.R. Ellis Group, LLC
    Founder & CEO
  • While at McKesson Moira (aka Missy) was an extremely valuable OD resource for several businesses. For me, as a General Manager, not only did she provide constructive recommendations on ways to improve the organization/culture, she served as a sounding board for my ideas, helping to outline the pros and cons. Missy's strengths lie in her passion for developing people, building strong organizational dynamics and positively impacting business results. She is not afraid to engage at all levels of personnel, assess the situational realities, identify the challenges and offer innovative techniques to optimize team performance.
    Bing Teng
    Franchise Owner
  • Moira wore multiple hats in this important role. She is an exceptional facilitator of meetings and teams, she is an excellent listener and exemplary in her consulting craft. Moira also is a powerhouse of energy, kindness, fair play and professionalism. She was a joy to work with and remains a dear friend to this day.
    Daniel Wright
  • I had the privilege to work with Missy at McKesson. She is an exceptional person, HR professional, change agent, and coach. She gave me the opportunity to take on a challenging project that greatly influenced my career. Her assessment and coaching skills are top notch. I learned a lot from Missy and highly recommend her!
    Boyd Christian
    Strive Consulting
    Managing Director