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Collective Impact

Collective impact is a framework that many communities are using to achieve large scale, long lasting social change. This structured and disciplined approach starts with bringing cross-sector stakeholders (sometimes hundreds of people and organizations) together who will agree on a common agenda that leads to a shared mission, vision and strategy, with metrics and regular reporting back to the community. Missy McNabb has played an active role in several community efforts focusing on increasing student achievement:

LEAP Tampa Bay (Hillsborough County, FL) 2015:

LEAP Tampa Bay has a goal to increase the number of working age adults in Tampa Bay with a post-secondary degree or high-quality certificate to 60 percent by 2025. The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is the backbone; including the Hillsborough County school system & superintendent, there are a number of business, education, non-profit and philanthropic members of their Vision and Leadership Councils. Missy McNabb assisted with the establishment of the organization, in a consulting capacity.

Achieve (Palm Beach County, FL) 2015:

Palm Beach County has a vision that every one of their high school graduates complete a post-secondary credential within 6 years of high school graduation. Positive outcomes include degrees, professional job certifications, apprenticeships, military enlistment and vocational training that prepares students for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage. The United Way of Palm Beach County is the backbone for this organization and in addition to the Palm Beach County school district & superintendent, there are well over 150 community individuals that represent over 50 separate business organizations, nonprofits, post-secondary institutions, grassroots and faith-based organizations who are involved. Missy McNabb assisted with the establishment of the organization, in a consulting capacity.

Learn4Life (Atlanta, Georgia) 2014:

Learn4Life’s vision is to ensure that every child in the region becomes a thriving citizen who achieves success in school, career and life, while contributing to the community. The Community Foundation of Atlanta houses the organization and includes 5 school districts and superintendents (Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb & Atlanta Public Schools), representing over 600,000 school children in the state of Georgia. In addition, Learn4Life includes hundreds of education, philanthropic, business and non-profit stakeholders and leaders sponsoring and engaged in the effort. The Metro Atlanta Chamber was the initial backbone, employing Missy McNabb as Learn4Life’s first Executive Director.